How the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine is Affecting People 


Michael Yuschak , Staff writer


    It is no secret that people all over the world want to get their COVID-19 vaccine and get their lives back to normal. It has been difficult, but as time goes on, it becomes easier and easier to access it. With three different companies that have created this vaccine, it has created a nationwide discussion about which vaccine is the best to receive, and what the risks are of each one.


     From all the research and the real life experience being presented, the Pfizer and Moderna shots have been very promising with their results. Both of these companies’ shots are being administered with two separate appointments to receive two different shots. Only small side effects for many people have included soreness around the spot the shot was administered for a few days and extreme tiredness. 


    However, the Johnson and Johnson company shot has not been as well received. While the other shots are two separate shots, this is only presented with one dose of the vaccine. A lot of people who have received this version experienced many bad side effects from it for the first week. 


“During the injection of the vaccine, I felt a burning sensation and my arm and muscles were sore almost immediately. After a few hours my arm felt heavy and still very sore. The spot on my arm where the vaccine was given, was very swollen and painful to touch,” Christie responded. 


    “The day after I could barely move my arm. The spot on my arm from the injection was very itchy and swollen. Over the next few days the pain lessened and so did the swelling. I was able to move it more and more as the week went on. After 11 days after all the swelling and redness was gone and I could also move my arm freely, but there was and still is a bump at the injection site.”  


    The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is being up for temporary review. One of the side effects that is happening is blood clotting. There are other side effects such as headaches, soreness and tiredness. Blood clots can be a serious medical issue. They can lead to strokes, heart attacks, or even cause death.