Capturing a Moment in Time


Christina Trotta

This is Abby Reeder and I with our recording device!

Kayley Ulbrik, Sports Editor

   Senior year has always been deemed as one of the best years in a student’s educational life. It is a turning point for someone transitioning from being a kid to an adult; It is the time where many people become independent and see how they can live in the working world.

   However, as we all know, we, the class of 2021, have had a senior year like no other. We have had so many things taken away from us, and it has taken a toll on how we will view our last year of high school.

   With trying to make light of the situation though, I knew that I wanted to do something to lift all of our spirits up. I was elected Senior Class President this year, and one of my responsibilities is planning senior-related events, so I knew that I wanted to start a tradition at LCN. 

   With that, after watching countless 80’s and 90’s movies set in high school, I saw that they took videos of the students and would give the videos back in a couple years- I was inspired. I was sure that I wanted to do that for my classmates, so I planned a Senior Time Capsule. 

   I came up with the idea around December and luckily, the rest of the senior student council representatives and advisors liked the idea. 

   The LCN senior class, however, is one of the biggest classes in LCN history, so I knew that this would take a lot of time and a lot of planning. Thankfully, I had many representatives willing to help me take on this project. 

   This required many actions taken by me as well as some trusty Student Council representatives:

  1. I needed to get approval from the LCN administration to plan this event, so Abby Reeder, ‘21, Alison Schlacht,‘21, and I met with Ms. Beard in January to give her the breakdown of what we wanted to do for the Senior Time Capsule. 
  2. We picked a week or two in April to gather up every LCN senior to be a part of this. 
  3. I would post on the class Instagram, Facebook, and make a private snapchat story for all seniors to promote the event.
  4. I made a Sign Up Genius for students to sign up for a timeslot to get recorded during fifth hour.
  5. Reeder and I would call down seniors from class who signed up for a few minutes to record a 20 to 30 second video of them stating their name, age, where they see themselves in ten years, and another interest thing that they would like to say (such as their favorite 2021 trend, their favorite artist right now, or something that they want to say to their future self). 
  6. We also had to keep virtual students in mind, so we planned to have them come in for a couple days after school to record their time capsule.
  7. Once everyone’s videos were recorded, we would keep them stored in a file at the school and then distribute all of the individual videos to everyone at our ten-year class reunion.

   Fortunately, Ms. Beard loved the idea and gave us the go-ahead to do the Senior Time Capsule. After several months of planning, we chose to start the recordings during the week of April 19.

   The first day of recordings couldn’t have gone any better. Reeder and I decided to be the “hosts” of the event, so we were in charge of recording the students and asking them questions about their senior year. 

   We would also find students who were displaying popular 2021 trends such as different colored nails, LuluLemon apparel, Birkenstocks, and multiple rings. On top of that, we recorded ourselves showing off more trends which included doing the infamous Tik Tok ‘Woah’, displaying our ‘Fit Checks’, and sharing our favorite coffee place and order.

   In addition, I recorded myself walking through the filled hallways, singing our Spanish class song of the week, interviewing some LCN teachers, and so much more. 

   Student responses to where they saw themselves in ten years ranged from wanting a family, not wanting a family, traveling the world, and living in a beach house down south. It was amazing to hear what different kinds of things my classmates see themselves accomplishing in the future. It was also incredible that so many people wanted to be a part of this. 

   In some cases, you only get a specific group of people that want to participate in certain events. However, the variety of students who wanted to be in the Time Capsule blew my mind. 

   All in all, the outcome for the Senior Time Capsule so far has exceeded my expectations, and there are still people asking me to get recorded! I have loved being able to plan something that students can look forward to getting back at our class reunion.

   As the year is coming to an end, it makes me sad that I won’t get to plan anymore senior events, but I am beyond proud about what we have accomplished during this year of adversity!