LCN 2021 Baseball Season


Connor Zabrzenski, Staff Writer

Finally, it’s that time of the year. The LCN baseball season is in full swing. With everything that has happened in the last 12+ months with COVID, everything was taken away or changed for us students, such as Homecoming, as well as not being able to go to Football games or Basketball games. Once baseball season started, though, it was nice to be able to be out on the field with friends, enjoying just a sliver of normal high school life.

So far, the Varsity team has played five games and have a record of 2-3. Most of these games came down to the last inning and were hard losses.

Since COVID stopped our season in 2020, the boys on the team have to just get back into the rhythm. They have to get used to new team members as well as a new coach.

Coach Dale was hired last year, but the team was never allowed to gather after tryouts. All games were cancelled for the season, so the boys really had no idea what kind of coach that Coach Dale would be.

This year, thankfully, we have been playing. Some games we have had to play short a few players due to contact tracing. We are trying to work through that because it really hurts the team when we don’t have the full roster.

I have asked a few Varsity players some questions regarding how they feel COVID has affected their season, how they think the season is going so far and how the new Coach is doing.

Brock Yeip, ‘22 on Varsity, replied, “COVID affected the season by making players miss games.” Yeip also answered that as of now, “My season is going average so far and Coach Dale is a great coach”.

Alex Pratt, ‘21 on Varsity, replied, “COVID has affected our season a lot by not being able to play some games, and taking some of our players out for quarantine.” Pratt added, “We haven’t had a lot of games yet… I would say the season is going pretty well so far, but we have a lot of room to improve”. As far as how Coach Dale is doing, Pratt replied, “The new coach has put us through a lot of conditioning and hard work, but he is doing well and I think it will pay off in the end.”

Adam Kushel, ‘21 on Varsity, stated that, “We always have to wear masks and we always have people missing because of contact tracing.” As for how the team is doing right now, he answered, “We are struggling to hit the ball, most games were decided in the last two innings”. Then, on the subject of Coach Dale, Kushel said, “He’s a great coach and he pushed us to be our very best and he brings a good energy to the team.”

Lastly, I spoke to Griffin Balaer, ‘21 on Varsity. He states, “[COVID] has affected my season because I got quarantined, so missing a game with my teammates, especially a win is something that affects me.” On how his season is going so far, Baaler comments, “My season has been going okay, still getting back into the swing of things after the two weeks off from COVID and then Spring Break, but I think we have a good team that can win some games.” As far as what Baalaer thinks of the new coach, he goes on to say, “The new coach brings a lot of energy and I love it. He is always going to get the most out of his guys and won’t settle for anything under 110%, and I respect that so much, because when nothing is given during a COVID season, you need someone who’s going to help bring that positive mindset.”

As you have read in the statements above, this team has a lot of potential and a lot of heart. As of writing this article there are still 24 games left on the schedule. Check the game schedule on the LCN Athletics website to find dates/times for upcoming games.

It would be nice to show support for your team, come out, cheer them on, and enjoy your last couple weeks of school. I am sure they will appreciate your support. Districts here we come!!