Señor Johnson Wins 2021 Teacher of the Year


Mackenzie Roa

Señor Johnson waiting outside his classroom for class to start.

Mackenzie Roa, Staff Writer

  Every year at L’Anse Creuse High-School North, one teacher gets awarded teacher of the year. This year, the staff nominated their top choices for who they believe should be honored, and then the final teacher was decided on by administration. The teacher chosen for 2021 was Spanish teacher, Darrel Johnson. Johnson feels very happy and appreciated by his peers.

  He knows there are many teachers that qualify for this award, and will definitely cherish it. Speaking to the North Star, he described his methods on how he achieves his excellent teaching style, and what he does in order to be the best he can be. “I felt extremely honored because there are so many amazing teachers in this building to be chosen from. I was completely taken aback by it,” reflected Johnson. 

  Going into further detail, Johsnons explained, “Don’t ever rest on your laurels. There’s always room for improvement, to grow, and to learn something new each and every day. It’s also important not to grow complacent. Any type of accolade you receive, you should remain humble about it.” 

  Johnson mostly enjoys the feeling of knowing how much his co-workers truly appreciate him, and is beyond grateful for their recognition. “I’ve always said this is the best staff of individuals in the whole district. A lot of teachers from other buildings want to come here,” Johnson acknowledged.

  Johnson gives advice to those planning on becoming a teacher in the future that helps him in his profession. “It can be extremely challenging at times, but the rewards and the benefits definitely outweigh the challenges,” stated Johnson.