Grace Collett Hurdles Her Way to a New School Record


Reese Cook, News Editor

    Grace Collett at the 2021 State Finals (Carter Sherline)

Grace Collett, a senior hurdler on the L’Anse Creuse High-School North (LCN) Track & Field team, has broken the school record for the 100m hurdles at the season opener track meet against Sterling Heights High-School. This record hasn’t been broken for over 40 years!


    Collett started running track in eighth grade and has continued throughout high school. Her passion for track comes from her grandpa, who also ran hurdles for his high school track team. He comes to every track meet to support Collett and her track career. Outside of LCN, Collett states, “I also run for a club track team during the winter and summer apart from the high school season.”


   Collett believes that it is important to keep up with training and conditioning throughout the year in order to keep improving. 


   Collett has dedicated most of her time to training and conditioning.  She described, “I train everyday and have practice five days a week with the school. I work out consistently before practice lifting weights and doing other strength exercises. I worked with personal trainers on speed and also attended indoor meets.” 


   Collett does most of her training on her own, and pulls different workouts from numerous college coaches that she is in contact with. Collett is always pushing herself to new limits in order to be a top-tier competitor.  


   Her dedication to this extensive training allowed her to place third at the indoor track & field state finals and recently break the school’s 100m hurdle record. Collett set the new record at 14.88 seconds, compared to the 40 year-old record time of 15.27. After the race she stated, “My goal was to set a new personal record and I didn’t even realize I broke the school record.” Collett said the support from her track team, coaches, and family is very important, and to break the record at LCN in front of them was bittersweet.  


   Collett will be attending Saginaw Valley State University in the fall after she graduates. Saginaw has one of the best Division two track programs in the country. She is looking forward to working with the coaches and the high end facilities located at SVSU. 


   Collett is excited for the rest of her senior track season and cannot wait to watch her team at the upcoming meets. Everyone should come out and support the track team at their next meet and maybe we will watch her break another school record!