L’Anse Creuse Comes Together for a Common Cause


Kayley Ulbrik

Students from Mrs. Hough’s leadership class spend class time filling the bus with food donations.

Alyssa Benka, Social Media Manager


   Faced with the challenges of COVID-19 and the pressure to top previous years’ events, the entire L’Anse Creuse Public Schools District united to bring the first ever district wide charity week. L’Anse Creuse High-School, L’Anse Creuse North, and the F.V. Pankow Center worked together to help raise money for local restaurants that were hit hard by closures.


   The choice to unite in their efforts was decided when LCHS and LCN agreed that raising money alone would be too difficult in such a financially stressful time for many people. Previous years at LCN have seen totals of over $20,000 raised for one charity, which seemed unrealistic this year. Instead, schools all over the district encouraged families to give their business to local restaurants.


   This is where the “Reverse Charity Week” idea came from; traditionally, restaurants would donate a portion of their fundraised money to the school to put towards our charity week total. This year, families were encouraged to eat at local  restaurants for charity week, and their receipt would be put into a box. The idea was to support the local restaurants that supported our community throughout the pandemic. The restaurants kept all money brought in from charity week, but the high schools kept track of the receipts and money raised.


   Other events took place throughout the week to support our community, such as a canned food drive. Both high schools had a bus parked in their parking lot. The goal was to fill the bus with as many food donations as possible. By the end of the week, students exceeded the goal and were able to fill two and a half school buses. Over ten thousand pounds of canned goods were collected.


   Christina Trotta, LCN Senior and Student Council President, wants people to recognize that every act of kindness made a difference in this year’s charity week. In the charity week reveal video, Trotta explained “Generosity is one act of kindness, but the students and staff of L’Anse Creuse found many other ways to spread joy.” 


   Students wrote notes of appreciation to the many people they are grateful for, from hospital workers to staff members. Kindness goes a long way in these unprecedented times.


Pet Wars is a school-wide favorite every year, especially for the teachers. Many teachers from LCN, LCHS, and Pankow entered their pet to compete. All high school students voted for their favorite pet, and it was announced at the conclusion of charity week.


   The winner of the Pet Wars competition at LCN was Mrs. Wooton’s duck, Ferdinand. Ferdinand went on to compete against the winners at Pankow, Ms. Missig’s cats Albus and Ariana, and LCHS, Mr. Abbott’s succulent plant Mr. Stripes. In the end, Ms. Missig’s cats Albus and Ariana won the district-wide competition as the cutest pets!


   Trotta has helped plan many charity week events. Speaking on that experience, she stated, “Something powerful happens when people work together for a common cause.” 


   The ‘something powerful’ Trotta refers to was evident after a very successful charity week as one united district. The collaboration of efforts throughout the district allowed $21,982.05 to be raised for local restaurants. Over $3000 was donated to local charities, thanks to various events like Pet Wars.


   On behalf of the advisors and students who helped plan this unique charity week, we would like to thank everyone for supporting their local restaurants and helping a great cause. This successful charity week helped prove that we are better united.