Two Enemies Become “Frenemies”


Emily McLaughlin

Paytas and Klein’s first Frenemies podcast

Emily McLaughlin, Staff Writer

In September of 2020, two Youtubers/influencers, Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas, started a podcast together called “Frenemies”. They are two enemies trying to be friends.

Paytas is a very outrageous and interesting character. She posts mukbangs, vlogs, and crying videos on her kitchen floor on her youtube channel “Blndsundoll4mj”. Klein is a youtuber and podcaster who makes comedy sketches and reaction videos on his channel. 

They discovered each other, when Klein made a hate video titled “Instagram vs. Reality” about Paytas in May 2019. Immediately she didn’t like Klein, calling him out publicly on Twitter. They continued going back and forth at each other and Paytas ended up making a video about Klein, titled “h3h3 is HARMING YOUNG GIRLS”. Then, in October of 2019, Paytas asked to be on one of Klein’s podcasts hoping to squash their beef. She came on for a very entertaining episode and they seemed to forgive each other. A few months later, Paytas was back on his channel to do a bachelorette series.

Paytas showed the most interest in one of the contestants, Moses Hacmon, who happened to be Klein’s wife’s brother. The bachelorette series soon ended and the Frenemies show began. 

The show started, with the two just talking about things going on in their life and public drama. Throughout the seven month span of the podcast, they have gotten into many fights and arguments and Paytas even threatened to leave the show twice. 

They have had fights, therapy sessions, challenges and mukbangs, and their friendship is only getting stronger. Their friendship has grown so much in the past few months and they are finally getting along and actually liking each other. On the podcast, they mainly talk about current events, drama and even do challenges.

On December 18th 2020, Hacmon proposed to Paytas which officially made her part of Klein’s family. Paytas teased this to Klein multiple times but he never thought they would actually stay together. Throughout everything. Klein has stayed supportive of Paytas and is happy to welcome her into his family. 

The Frenemies podcast allowed for the public to get to know each of them better and fall in love with them. This podcast also helped them go from enemies to friends. 

They are currently on episode 33 of the podcast and are only getting more views and supporters. The dynamic of the two is so intriguing and funny especially to see the growth that they both went through in the past seven months. 

If you want to watch the Frenemies podcast, they post every Tuesday at 2:00pm on youtube, apple podcasts, and Spotify at H3 Podcast.