Mortal Kombat Review



Mortal Kombat is Now available to watch on HBO

Alex Hacanyan, Staff Writer

“Mortal Kombat” is a new action and fantasy movie that has just been released this month April 23rd on HBO.


 The movie opens with Hanzo Hazashi returning to his small hometown village to greet his wife who is gardening. As Honzo begins to go fetch water from the river, his baby daughter starts crying. Her brother goes to check on her while Mrs. . Hazashi follows. Suddenly a fight erupts. 


   The Lin Kuei clan attacked the Shirai Ryu ninja clan and killed everyone including Honzo’s wife and son. Honzo soon returns to the village to witness the graphic massacre. Bi-Han (subzero) , one of the main antagonists, is still at the village waiting to kill Honzo. Bi-Han and Hanzo both start fighting but Bi-Han was too strong for Honzo and ends up killing him. After Honzo dies Bi-Han leaves, thinking everyone in the clan is dead, but- Honzo’s daughter is still alive. Lord Raiden appears and takes Honzo’s daughter to save her so that Honzo’s bloodline goes on and Honzo could possibly be summoned from hell to get vengeance on subzero. 


   Decades later, we are introduced to the main protagonist Cole Young, who is a cage fighter. He has a wife (Alison Young) and one daughter (Emily Young). After his fight he is greeted by a man named Jax who has questions about his unusual mark shaped as a dragon. Young just says it is a birthmark and that he always had it. Jax goes on to tell Young that it’s a symbol that represents he has been chosen to fight for earth in the Mortal Kombat. Jax then tells Young that many people are after him, and that he has to separate from his family right away and find a girl named Sonya Blade. Young finds Sonya Blade and also meets Kano who is handcuffed to a chair by Sonya. 


   Sonya explains that Kano is only with them because he also has a dragon symbol like Young. She also explains that they need to hurry up and find the training arena so they can start training for the Mortal Kombat. However, Kano is the only one out of the three of them that knows where the training arena is but Kano refuses to help them out. As they release Kano free, Sonya throws him a three million dollar offer and he takes it. 


   Soon enough, the three of them are heading to the training arena but soon get lost. Young sees a man in the distance looking back at him starting to approach him. As the man gets up to them he says he brings no harm and he as well has the dragon symbol. He tells them that his name is Liu Kang and he’s been training for the Mortal Combat for years. Liu Kang then shows them the way to the training arena. When they arrive at the training arena, they are introduced to Raiden, who explains that they have special inner powers from the dragon symbols that make them capable of fighting higher powers. They are also introduced to Kang Lou which is Liu Kang’s cousin. As they begin training Liu Kang helps Kano and Young find their inner power by focus and control. Kano quickly finds his power which is shooting laser beams out of his eyes but Young was still struggling. As they continue training, Shang Tsung and his fighters appear at the earth training arena and begin breaking the rules. 


  Shang Tsung wanted to claim earth early so they began the fight. Kano ends up switching sides and is now fighting for Shang Tsung. Young had an idea that each person should fight one on one and save Subzero for last. As they all fight their battles Young finds his inner power which nobody has ever seen called arcana. As he gets his power, Subzero teleports himself and Young into a frozen boxing cage with his wife and daughter frozen to the walls. As they started fighting, Young pulled out his blade that belonged to Hanzo and it fumed up in flames. Behind Subzero stood Honzo but now As Scorpion. Scorpion and Subzero begin fighting while Young tries to free his wife and daughter. Scorpion ends up getting his vengeance on Subzero by burning him to hell. In the end Shang Tsung and his team were defeated and failed to take over earth. 


   Mortal Kombat was an outstanding movie that had a great beginning, middle, and end. The plot of the story was easy to follow, given that we see both the hero and villain in the beginning of the movie. As you continue along in this movie you will quickly notice that some characters such as Subzero and Liu Kang cannot be compared to Sonya Blade and Cole Young. Further along the movie we see these characters grow and change into their final fighting forms so that every person has a fair fighting chance. Although Mortal Kombat had a predictable ending of Scorpion getting vengeance on Subzero, we did get a teaser of a new character that will appear in the next Mortal Kombat, and their name is Johnny Cage. I would highly recommend this movie to people who can handle seeing lots of blood and gore, considering this movie is based off of a videogame all about fighting to the death.