Shadow and Bone Review

Emma Bowman, Photo Editor

   On Friday, April 23rd, Netflix released the show “Shadow and Bone”, based on the books written by author Leigh Bardugo.“Shadow and Bone” starts with main character Alina, played by Jessie Mei Lu, discovering she is what they call a lightbringer, making her a grisha. The grisha are witches that can control different elements, but the two most important witches in this story can control darkness and light. 

   Alina is the only one who can control light. When everyone finds out she has powers, they send her to The Little Palace with General Kirgian, where she will learn how to use and control her power. Book fans know General Kirigain as the Darkling, whereas he can control darkness.

   Kirigan wants Alina to destroy “the fold”, which will ultimately end the war between Ravaka and a neighboring country. The fold is the huge part of their country that is covered in darkness, and filled with murderous creatures that make it impossible to cross. Although fans of the novel are aware Kirigan has an ulterior motive that won’t be discovered until the end of the story. The show follows Alina Starkov’s story of accepting herself and becoming strong enough to destroy the fold.     

  Bardugo decided the show won’t just be following the story of Alina and the Darkling, but the characters from her other “Grishaverse” books as well. This includes characters from her other book series “Six of Crows”, which is set in the same universe as “Shadow and Bone”. “Six of Crows” follows main character Kaz Brekker and his gang of crimes to pull off an impossible heist. 

   They bring in the most of the Crows Gang into the first season, excluding the youngest one. This was odd because their story starts well after Alina’s ends. In the show the characters Kaz, Inej and Jasper took on a job to kidnap Alina and bring her back to Ketterdam, for a prize of 1 million Kruge. 

   Well the other other members of Kaz gang, Nina and Matthias, are first meeting. They show the story of how the characters met and what leads to them being recruited in “Six of Crows”.

   There is talk about this show being renewed for five seasons, following all of the books in Bardugo’s Grishaverse. The show does a really good job with staying on track with the books so far, and hopefully they will not change too much in the future.