April Movie Releases on Netflix


Getty Images/iStockphoto

By Fer Gregory

Imelda Galeana, Staff Writer

Another month, equals more and more movies to be able to watch and enjoy. According to Kristijan from “The Future of Things” and his article that talks about how movies can be good for you he states, “Watching a good documentary or a thought-provoking movie can help you boost your emotional intelligence. They may also trigger empathy and various emotions like hope, aspirations, or even fears. They also make us think about certain issues that we do not often think about”. The following are the last releases on Netflix for this month.

  1. “Battle of Los Angeles” is making a reappearance on Netflix on April 27 after it first debuted in 2011. This American military science-fiction action film is set in modern-day Los Angeles. It’s a great selection for the action lovers especially since it is partially based on World War II. Starring Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Ramon Rodriguez, Ne-yo, and many more.
  2. Moving on to a TV drama, this Netflix original by the name of “The Innocent” will be available once again to enjoy on April 30th. Starring Mario Casas, Aura Garrido, Alexandra Jimenez, Jose Coronado, etc. When in an attempt to feel love and freedom after past tragedies a simple phone call brings back the dreadful thoughts in the back of this man’s head. All because of an “accidental killing” that had lead him to intrigue and murder.
  3. “Fatma” released on Tuesday April 27th that is based on a house cleaner that starts a streak of murders as she looks for her missing husband while at the same time has to deal with old wounds. Another good selection for TV drama, thriller or social issue drama. Netflix describes this film to be emotional, dark and suspenseful.
  4. Next up on the list is a family or kid film, a twist for the little ones at home. “The Mitchells vs. The Machines” is rated PG and has family features, family comedies as well as action comedies and Sci-Fi fantasy. This “quirky” film as Netflix calls it, talks about how a robot apocalypse interfered with a country road trip the Mitchell’s had in mind. Now it was all up to this family and this family only to save the human race.
  5. Last one on the list is “Why did you kill me?” that was released on April 14th, days have passed since this documentary was released but it hasn’t lost its essence according to the reviews left on “rotten tomatoes”. This American film talks about the murder of Crystal Theobald and how her mother Belinda Lane decided to track anyone down or anything that had to do with her daughters murder starting off with Myspace.