Golf Boys Drive into a New Season


Lane Jannsen

Danny Boyce posing before his match.

David Gattine, Staff writer

  L’anse Creuse North (LCN) boys golf is back! The boys opened the season up at home against Port Huron High School on April 22, and they came out with a win by ten strokes making them 1-0. 


   Their second match was played at Anchor Bay on April 27; knowing Anchor Bay is a huge rivalry right down the road, this was a heartbreaking loss for the team, as Anchor Bay took this one by 30 strokes. 


   Starters and seniors here at LCN, Jeffrey Deriemacker, and Danny Boyce, were asked a series of questions about the team, the first being, ”How do you think you and the team as a whole will do this season?” 


   Deriemacker responded, “I think we will all improve as players, but our record will not.” 


   Boyce chimed in and said, “I think we will improve our record through the season.” 


   The second question asked was what are some of the guys’ weaknesses that they can work on? Deriemacker said, “I can work on my driving and putting.” 


   “I can work on my short game,” added Boyce. 


   They then were asked what some of their strengths were and Deriemacker stated, “I am good with my irons and chipping.” 


   Boyce also said, “I would say my biggest strength is using my irons.” 


   The final question asked to the two starting seniors was what can the team do as a whole to achieve success? Deriemacker replied, “Don’t let one bad shot affect your game, and we have to hit our shots.” 


   Boyce said, “We have to try to perfect our weaknesses at practice.” 


   The opportunity to interview team captain, Dylan Howel was given and that is something you can’t pass upon. The first question asked was, what is it like being the team captain? “Being number one on varsity is a real accomplishment, I’ve been on the golf team since my freshman year of high school, and I’ve worked really hard to get this spot,” Howl replied. 


   The next thing asked was, what can you do as team captain to keep your guys heads on straight this season? Howel said, “We put in the work and play smart, but have fun at the same time… if we don’t have a match, we’re out there practicing and improving every day.” 


   The final question asked was, do you plan on going anywhere after high school to play? “To tell you the truth, no I don’t. Golf is a lifelong sport and I plan on playing for fun after high school, not competition,” says Howell. 


   Good luck to the boys the rest of the season and as always, GO NORTH!