Lacrosse Season Is Back


Angela Bush

Dylan Adams, Staff Writer

The varsity boys lacrosse season is underway. They haven’t gotten off to the best start with a 2-5 record, but there’s always room for improvement. They faced off against Dakota High School and Henry Ford this week.


 COVID-19 has affected just about every athlete this year. It’s nerve wracking not knowing whether we’ll be able to play the next game or have to cancel the season for two full weeks,which  means missing at least six games. To give us the best chance of coming out on top in our division, we need to be able to play at all of the games.


I asked a few of the players on the varsity lacrosse team some questions about their season such as how COVID-19 has affected the season, what their thoughts on the varsity coach are, and what the team’s biggest struggle is.


Toby Vegara, a senior on the lacrosse team says, “COVID can be difficult for us because there’s a chance that one of our teammates could be quarantined and could miss crucial games.” Vegara also said, “I believe in coach Hunter and I have a good relationship because he coached me during the summer and there’s no other coach like him.” Lastly Vegara comments, “The team’s biggest struggle is penalties.”


Kenny Michie, a junior on the varsity team told us, ”COVID-19 has affected the season greatly; there have been many changes such as the masks on and off the field, no use of the locker rooms, etc.” He also said, ”Coach Hunter, the varsity head coach, is a great guy and loves to be out there with us. He has the best intentions for not only the team but the players individually.” Lastly Michie told us, ” The team’s biggest struggle would have to be trusting one another with the ball along with being comfortable when the player has the ball in their possession.”


Colin Barrett, a junior on the varsity team said, “COVID-19 affected our season because we had to start late on top of missing out on the last season and it sucks having to worry about other students being quarantined.” Barrett’s thoughts on the varsity coach were, ”He’s an awesome guy, all of them are. They individually each teach us in unique ways that we can all benefit from.” Barrett also said,  “Our team’s biggest problem is that we missed a season last year and we haven’t found our groove yet but as the season progresses, we are getting back into the groove of things.”


 I think the lacrosse team has a bright future ahead of them with some important games coming up, they need to keep the energy up and get hyped because we actually get to play lacrosse this season after missing out last year. Good luck this season boys!  Keep your heads up no matter what happens.