The Circle Review


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   Let’s face it: Everyone has their favorite TV show and once they get hooked on it, it’s hard to find something new to watch. However, this show got millions of peoples’ attention from the start.

   The Circle, a reality show, has become a fan favorite on Netflix and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

   The show’s premise is that contestants are separated from each other, and make their own profiles in order to gain popularity and be ranked by the others. The most popular player at the end of the game will receive $100,000. However, contestants do not have to be themselves in their profile, they can catfish as anybody they want. 

   Players are able to chat with each other and get to know everyone in the game. Players find it important to talk with others and build connections in order to form alliances. Players will need friends in the game for the most suspenseful part of the game: the blocking.

   At the end of each day, players must rate each other from most to least popular. The two most popular people become “influencers”, and receive the power to block a player, or remove a player from the game. 

   Once a player is blocked, they can go visit another player and fill them in on who they think are catfish in the game. A big part of this game is strategy, and thinking through all of your decisions very carefully. 

   This show is really popular amongst other reality TV shows. There is a lot of drama, and sometimes, romance. It is action packed, and very suspenseful, with twists and turns around every corner. Just when the viewers think that the game is getting repetitive, the show throws a curveball; something completely unexpected. After every blocking, there are one to two new players who enter the game.

   The first season started with eight players entering the circle, two being catfish. One of the catfish was a guy named Seaburn who posed as his girlfriend, Rebecca, and a woman named Karen who posed as a 27-year-old named Mercedeze. Given that one of the biggest parts of the game is finding catfish, it was important that Seaburn and Karen kept their real identity hidden so that they wouldn’t get blocked.

   All episodes of season 1 are out on Netflix. Season 2 is coming out in installments. The release schedule is

April 14: Episodes 1-4

April 21: Episodes 5-8

April 28: Episodes 9-12

May 5: Finale

   You can check out The Circle on Netflix now.