AP Tests are Finally Here


Reese Cook

Upcoming AP Test schedule.

Reese Cook and Taylor Fanning , News Editor and Business Manager

The school year is winding down, and many classes are coming to an end. With graduation around the corner, many students here at L’Anse Creuse High School North (LCN) are starting to prepare for their important upcoming AP tests.


   College board is the nationally recognized organization for Advanced Placement courses. Due to the abnormal learning environment surrounding the year, AP tests have several options to earn college credit. Usually, students take these tests the first two weeks of May, in person. This year, students have multiple options to take their AP tests: in person with pen and paper at a designated location, online at home, or online at school. 


    Last year during quarantine, students were only allowed to take these tests online at home. They only completed one or two sections of each test with very little monitoring or direction. This year, the College Board has stated that they will be more strict with the online testing. They will include security features to prevent students from collaborating or having another student test for them and will not allow for the student to go back to questions on the test.


   LCN students shared their decision on which version they plan to take. “I am taking it in  person with pencil and paper because I can not stare at a computer screen for that long.” Alyssa Benka ‘21


    Leyna Doerr ‘21 is quarantined and was told she would have to take her AP tests online for the first week. She stated her opinion about the online AP tests, “ I was very frustrated to be stuck at home when I planned to take an in-person test. I emailed many people and finally came to a resolution with Mr. Haas, the pankow director, and he allowed the quarantined students to test in person at Pankow.”


   AnnMarie Duncan, the AP Calculus BC teacher at Pankow, explained her side of the idea of online testing versus paper and pencil. “People work well in different situations, so there is a positive side to it. However I do truly believe in the traditional testing because that is most likely how the college exams will be. She also shared her struggles as a teacher during these times. “These schedules did little to help the AP success rate. Teaching in blocks was difficult to adjust to.”


   Hopefully by next year, AP testing will be back to the normal routine of going in person to take the test. This will relieve the stress the students this year are feeling due to COVID-19. The North Star Staff wishes everyone good luck on their upcoming exams!