Opal Jackson Crushing Records For Track and Field


Opal's mother

Opal throwing in the last track meet

Nick Heitchue, Staff Writer

Opal Jackson ‘21 has recently crushed two LCN school records for the Track & Field events known as the shot put, and the discus throw. At a track meet earlier this year while LCN battled against Warren Mott, Jackson threw the discus 134’4ft which is an outstanding 13’4ft over the current school record which was standing at 121ft. Later in the season during another track meet against Sterling Heights High-School, Jackson broke the shot put record by 6.9ft over the last record. The last record stood at 39’2ft, which means to break it Jackson threw an impressive throw measuring in at 46’10ft. When asked how she did it, Jackson stated “A lot of practice, and by focusing on that exact moment and just thinking of how I wanted to execute my throws.” 

Jackson practices shot put and discus  six days a week. Out of the six days of practice she dedicates four days to weightlifting, and the other two are for throwing practice and technique. She’s only been training for two years and still crushed multiple records. She started Track & Field her sophomore year, and has fallen in love with them. After high school, Jackson plans on going to Central Michigan University to continue her passion, and pursue a further career in the shot put and discus throw.