Seniors Last Day of School Moves


Christina Trotta

Izzy Calabrese and Vinny Longo give the new final date a thumbs up!

    The LCPS district Board of Education announced that the Class of 2021’s last day has been changed from June 3rd, to May 27th. 

   The change comes after many months of seniors voicing their opinions about the late final day.

“I’m very excite about the last day being moved up because it feels more like a regular senior year and it feels like we are getting a real senior experience rather than getting out in June with everybody else,” voices Senior Faith Andrzejewski.

The change was also brought about by the worry of being quarantined for graduation. 

   “The quarantine period has been changed back to 10 days, and this allows enough time in between the last day of school and graduation, to prevent students from not participating in Commencements, should they be quarantined from a classroom.” States the LCPS district in a recent school messenger.

   The district initially picked the final day for seniors as June 3rd as a result of starting the school year a week late. This was  in an effort to give teachers time to adjust to the new block schedule. The district argued that extending the school year by a week allows for the same amount of days in a school year.

   Because of COVID rates affecting multiple areas differently, the State of Michigan allowed each school district to choose how they wanted to schedule their school year – virtual, block, hybrid and more – according to state regulations. However, because of the various plans among districts, the State of Michigan is not mandating the minimum number of days students are required to be in school. Thus, the amount of days that seniors are in school isn’t important, and keeping them for an additional week is entirely a district decision. 

   While many students are excited for one week less of school, teachers are scrambling to send off their pupils. With the A/B block schedule, students now go from seven to five days left of both A and B days. On top of this, many students have AP exams that will make them miss an entire day as well. 

“In the beginning it kind of freaked me out, but now I’m kind of excited. Because I thought I’d have a whole extra week of blow off classes after my AP tests, and now I take my AP tests and I’m pretty much done with high school,” says Senior Allie Thomas.


   While the end of the school year has been moved up, all other senior events have not. Prom, Honors Convocation, Senior Barbeque, Senior Class Trip and Graduation are all still the same dates.