Safe Outdoor Activities


Photo By: Nathan Lee Allen

Imelda Galeana, Staff Writer

During this pandemic it’s hard to find activities to do without them being too risky and it could also depend on your location and the weather. Even though we can have minor inconveniences we can always find stuff to do that will eventually cheer ourselves up and could be a good way of entertainment. Many popular outdoor activities can be done safely, the following are a couple of ideas perfect for everybody.


  • Drive-in Movie theaters 

Flashback to the 1920’s with this popular summer activity, enjoying the outdoors, being with friends, families and/or partners. Completely enjoying your time like many other people with plenty of physical distance. This could even start like a mini tradition with any of your loved ones in the effort of spending fun and quality time together.


  • Picnics

From homemade food, fast food and even store bought could be good ideas to pick from to take to a picnic. Public parks, backyards, patios are some of the safest places you could be while doing this activity. Being outside can make you come in touch with your inner artist so it would be a great idea to bring some art supplies and get creative while having a good meal with your significant other.


  • Walking, running or jogging

Figuring out how to stay physically active? Take a walk, jog or run around your neighborhood, invite your family to and take advantage of the bonding that could be done. If you have a pet It’s even better that way both of you can delight in the fresh air and being outside. 


  • Camping

The best way you can do this is by camping with people you live with and/or are always in close proximity to. This way it’s much safer and with lower risk but if you’re considering inviting a close friend or family that does not live with you then a good solution would be maintaining at all times good social distance. By having separate tents spread out and trying to have the least amount of contact as possible. While at the same time enjoying their presence.                            


  • Outdoor dining

Once again, by following all protocols to make this activity safe enough you can appreciate a wonderful meal with a friend, family or it could even turn into a good date idea. This activity can also benefit the restaurants that are slowly trying to get back on top after being shut down because of the pandemic and in their establishments they’re required to follow these rules so everybody that visits can have a secure and pleasant experience.