Decision Day Celebrations


Christina Trotta

A bulletin board in the main hallway showcasing everyone’s post-graduation plans.

   Saturday, May 8th was a day for L’Anse Creuse North (LCN) seniors to be celebrated. This day was used to honor the class of 2021 students, and allow them to share what decisions they’ve made regarding their post-high school plans.

   This new event, also known as “Senior Saturday”, was planned by Mr. Hubbard and some Student Council Representatives. Hubbard has been continuing the “Oh, the places you’ll go” tradition towards the end of every school year, and it is a great way to see where everyone plans on going. 

   Before Senior Saturday, some LCN Seniors featured everyone on the senior class Instagram page as well. These posts included the student’s name, senior picture, and a description of what they plan on doing after high school.

   The Instagram page got a lot of positive feedback, and parents were thrilled to see a thoughtful post about their child.

   If students weren’t able to send in a picture for the Instagram page, then Senior Saturday was the perfect event for them to have a chance to promote their future plans. We had a variety of different plans displayed on the “Oh, the places you’ll go” bulletin board including students going to college, trade school, the military, cosmetology school, and much more. 

   At the actual Decision Day Celebration, seniors had lots to do. First, they signed their slip for the bulletin board with their post-graduation decision. Next, they could sign the big “I DECIDED!” poster that was hung in the cafeteria for everyone to see. Then, they could choose where they wanted to put their raffle tickets. The prizes varied, but included many college essentials, such as a Keurig, shower caddy and other shower essentials, gift cards for Amazon, Rally House, Target, and other dorm room items. There was ice cream and other treats for the seniors to enjoy while they listened to music and hung out with their friends. 

“My favorite part of the Senior Saturday was … getting to spend time with people instead of a very formal event. I had a lot of fun and it was put together very nicely.” says Senior Mia Cichowlas.

   There were also people who were undecided about what they wanted to do. However, they still have a great deal of time to choose what they want their career path to be. 

    Many seniors are excited to see where their friends and classmates go after high school, and anxiously await for graduation day on June 7th.