May Releases On Netflix


Picture Taken by: Vinnie Penn

Imelda Galeana, Staff Writer

Another month goes by and we are closer to starting the second half of the year. Weather is getting warmer, school is almost out and that awaited vacation is almost near. Which means additional free time that could be spent on many different activities and one of the most popular options is watching television. Sometimes you spend more time trying to figure out what to watch than actually watching T.V. So the following suggestions are for you to spend less time wondering and more time watching. All new releases on Netflix for the month of May on Netflix since they never seem to let down on their additions.


  • Starting off with an Oscar-winning documentary first released on October 23 1998 by the name of “The Last Days”. This film informs the stories of five Hungarian Jews who survived and endured the fatalities of the Holocaust while imprisoned in Auschwitz.


  • Another informational documentary film is “Nail Bomber: Manhunt”. This movie will be released on May 26, 2021. Focused on the 1999 London bombings that occurred successively weekend after weekend between April 17th up until the 30th. Specifically targeting Black, Bangladeshi and gay communities. Causing several deaths and many injuries on people including the loss of limbs. 


  • Now something a little different is a true crime anthology series; “Dirty John”. This television series explores the theme of love gone wrong, when it becomes twisted and out of the ordinary, when manipulation, toxicity, arguments and/or fights arise and who knows,even murder… It already counts with its first season including eight episodes which had an 80% on Rotten Tomatoes review website. Coming on May 31st is the second season starring Connie Britton as “Debra Newell”, Eric Bana as “John Meehan”, Julia Garner as “Terra Newell” and so many more.


  • “Black Space” will be released on May 27, 2021. Coming out with its fist season, this series interpretes the investigation being held by a rogue detective about a massacre. Going after the unicorn-wearing assassins that committed this crime at an Israeli high school.


  • Last but not least, “Strain” is a film that talks about a man and his family and the struggles they face after learning that the son has been diagnosed with sickle cell disease. Starting another journey with their new reality while they rediscover their shared love. Starring “Nifemi Lawal”,  “Alex Usifo”, “Aproko Doctor”, “Shushu Abubakar”, etc. Netflix describes this film to be inspiring, fit for all audiences and it falls in the categories of Nollywood, African movies and drama.