A hopeful look into next year


Connor Zabrzenski, Staff Writer

With everything going on in today’s world such as Covid-19, we have to take a look into next year’s schooling to figure out the details for LCN students. School this year was very different from how it originally has been, but it honestly wasn’t that bad. Next year I think the school should continue A and B day schedules- because it gets students out of close contact with each other, and it gets students more time in each class to get homework done; since classes are an hour and thirty minutes.

Also, if kids get quarantined, they should still have to do work for the week they’re out. Next year, I think the school should get rid of the mask policy, because most students don’t wear their masks right anyways, and with the new vaccine, it will be much safer. Also for sports teams, I don’t think that they should be tested for the virus anymore. However, if a member of the team does get it, I think they should still be quarantined as well as people close to them. Next year’s schooling should be similar, but some changes still need to be made so we can help keep our LCN students safe while still allowing them to stay in person for school instead of online.