The Ups And Downs for LCN’s 2021 Class

Dylan Adams, Staff Writer

This year’s school year has had many ups and downs; between losing sports scholarship opportunities and offers, having a ‘different’ prom, and all the alternated events such as graduation, there’s been a lot going on. The LCN staff has been trying their best to ensure us seniors have a good final year. Earlier this week they changed the last day of school to May 27th, which was greatly appreciated, because we usually get out around this date during a normal year, and we’ll take anything they can give us. LCN also just announced that they are giving all seniors the option whether or not they want to take a final exam for a class or not.


This is a great idea by the staff, because it gives us an option whether or not we need to improve our grades. If we are happy with our current grade in the class, we can end off on a good note. It’s also good for us, because they know we’ve lost a lot this year due to COVID-19 and they’re just trying to give us a little bit of help to pass our classes. The staff understands that with them letting us out earlier, teachers would have to hurry up and rush through these next two weeks and it would be too much for everyone. But it was a smart idea to let us out early, because if we stayed in school longer, we could risk getting quarantined for graduation. Nobody wants to miss their one high school graduation ceremony. 


Many seniors would surely like to thank the LCN staff for putting in the effort to make sure we finish off the year on a good note, and letting us know that they understand what we’re dealing with through the troubling times.