“Here Today” Review


Emily McLaughlin

Showtimes for “Here Today” at Chesterfield Crossing Theater.

  Many movies have been released this year due to the Coronavirus causing them to get pushed back last year. One movie in theaters now, “Here Today” starring Billy Crystal and Tiffany Haddish, was released on May 7th, 2021. 

  “Here Today” is about an elderly comedy writer, Charlie Burns, who suffers from dementia and meets a young New York street singer. They quickly form a bond and an unlikely, yet touching friendship. This movie was not only funny, but also dove deep into the hardships of struggling with a mental disease. This movie will definitely pull on your heartstrings as it shows the perspective of dementia from Charlie’s (Billy Crystal) point of view. Crystal does a great job of portraying a man with many struggles, along with facing all the challenges that come with getting older. 

  It starts off with Burns coping with trauma from his past and dealing with a rough relationship with his children due to this trauma. He lost his wife when his kids were young, and they blame him for what happened. He got in a fight with his wife, which caused her to leave him and pick up the kids alone. While she was driving, another car ran a stop sign, killing her instantly. Charlie struggles with this pain, while also hoping his children will one day forgive him. 

  His life turns around when his “fan”, Emma Paige (Tiffany Haddish) wins a lunch with the veteran writer. They become closer when she has an allergic reaction to her meal and is sent to the hospital. They continue bumping into each other throughout the months to follow and eventually become friends. They both inspire and comfort each other, which grows their friendship but causes Charlie’s family to question their relationship. 

  Emma learns of Charlie’s dementia and is there for him as it worsens. She steps up and moves in with Charlie when he is unable to care for himself anymore. Although it may seem that Emma is increasing the separation between Charlie and his children, she is able to bring them closer together through her compassion and love towards Charlie.

  This movie encompasses many difficult aspects of life such as, dealing with a  psychological disorder alone, losing a loved one, and being estranged from family, while also adding comedic relief throughout the scenes. “Here Today” is a must see and will have you sobbing and laughing the whole way through.