The Science Backing Paranormal Anomalies

The Science Backing Paranormal Anomalies


Emma Bowman, Photo Editor

   When something strange happens in your neighborhood, or something goes bump in the night, your parents would always tell you ghosts aren’t real…but are they? Throughout centuries the idea that ghosts are real has been a very controversial topic, causing many scientists to investigate the idea that the paranormal exists.

   The ancient concept of ghosts is that a person’s spirit exists separately from their body, so when a person passes, their spirit lingers. This belief has caused many rituals, like funerals, to occur in order to prevent a spirit from returning to earth after passing.

  Paranormal stories have been passed down through generations of folklore and myths from all over the world, including being in many religions. More recently it has been very ingrained in our media, including shows like “American Horror Story” and “Supernatural”. This has sparked interest in many groups of people, leading them to become ghost hunters.

   Ghost hunting has become very popular among our society and has led to people making a full career out of it. Either starring in their own ghost hunting shows or just being someone who fully researches the topic, they all have different opinions on the paranormal existing. Some of the most common beliefs is that spirits are attracted to huge amounts of energy, like fault lines, causing what many call “portals.”

   Another common belief is that when a traumatic event like a murder or a death occurs, the negative energy stays like an imprint on the earth, causing what we would call a ghost. The negative energy is referred to as residual energy, and this causes a spirit to relive a traumatic event that may have caused their death. Some examples of this are Salem, Massachusetts, and the Cecil Hotel in LA. Both places have had gruesome murders, and even a very famous serial killer roaming the halls of the Cecil after committing his crimes. 

   When people are ghost hunting they tend to visit very famous haunted places because they know they will get some type of activity. When investigating, ghost hunters will use specific devices like EVP’s or mel meters to pick up on voices and noises we can’t hear normally. Some well known places that see a lot of ghost hunters are the Shanghai Tunnels, The Queen Mary Ship, and The Tower of London.

   The Tower of London has one of the most commonly seen ghosts around the world. That would be the ghost of Anne Boleyn, the second wife to King Henry VII. She was executed for being accused of witchcraft, treason, incest, and adultery. Boleyn has been seen carrying her head around the Tower and many other famous buildings in Europe.

   Regardless if you have never had a paranormal experience or don’t live in a haunted house, ghosts could be living right under your nose and you might not even realize. So next time darkness falls across the land, you might want to call the Ghostbusters before Slimer appears.