The End of The Year + Thank You Readers!


The End of the Year approaches. Photo Credit: Dominic Comfort

Dominic Comfort, Editor-In-Chief

  The final few days of an LCN student are always something special. Upon walking into the school, the cool May breeze can be felt, bringing the early touches of summer as the students wrap up their final few endeavors of the school year. This period of time offers up great reflection on an eight month school year, and also a look at what is ahead. 

  The anticipation of the end of the year looms and lurks on students’ minds throughout the year. Each year it seems that when the final few school days finally arrive, they seem to have arrived all too fast. At the same time, we at The North Star wind down our publishing. 

  From all of the staff members at the LCN North Star, we would like to thank you for supporting and reading our online issues throughout the year. As the seniors graduate, we do so with the privilege of having had the chance to write for the newspaper, some of us for many semesters. The North Star wouldn’t be possible without the support of the readers as well as advertisers. To everyone who has supported us through this school year, thank you. We hope you have a wonderful end to your school year, and embrace the cool winds of change, which delivers the finale of the year. 

“Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there, with open arms and open eyes” – Brandon Boyd, Incubus Lead Singer