J.Cole’s album review

Alex Hacanyan, Staff Writer

J.Cole is an american rapper who has recently dropped his new album “The Off-Season”. This album has a total of twelve songs along with ten people being featured. The album’s runtime is a total of 39 minutes and eight seconds which is one of his shortest albums yet. Although the album is only twelve songs it makes up for it with the amazing features including 21 Savage, Lil Baby, Bas, and 6LACK. 


  Songs that include features are “my. l i f e” featuring 21 Savage and Morray, “100. m i l” featuring Bas, “Pride is the devil” featuring Lil Baby, and “let . go . my . hand” featuring 6LACK. 


  Along with having these featured artists on some songs, the songs without any features are still very good. J. Cole’s album title “The Off-Season” symbolizes the work that it takes to get to the highest height in life. The songs in the album represent the hours, months, and years of time it took for him to reach his top form. After listening to J.Coles album many times I would say that he did an amazing job on getting his point across and that many people will be able to take something away from this album.