Soul Terra Candles, Is It Worth The Buy?

This is the beautiful Cedar Healing candle burning oh so majestically


This is the beautiful Cedar Healing candle burning oh so majestically

Makayla Nason, Copy Editor

With the weight of the end of the school year resting on our shoulders, I decided to treat myself  and buy a Soul Terra candle. When seeing the price at first, I was definitely wary of purchasing, but decided to give it a shot,and the results did not disappoint me.

Soul Terra, meaning ‘soul of the earth,’ started their operation three years ago with the goal of wanting to make the best candles in the world. The initial candle design was meant to “…serve as tools to help illuminate the paths to enlightenment, … Then we swayed toward the mystical occult and delved into uncovering hidden messages left by our ancestors.”  I don’t know about you, but that seems pretty promising coming from a fairly small business.

One thing about these candles is their iconic pyramid shape, and crystals hidden inside. Based on which candle you buy, there’s different types of crystals inside. The business has three different categories for their candles. Zodiac candles, Smells Like A Spell Candles, and Spirit of the Wild candles. While there’s currently 25 different candles to pick out from, they sell out really fast and restock every wednesday at 10am EST.

Now onto the review! I purchased the Cedar Healing candle, underneath the “Smells Like A Spell Candles” tab, and within a few days it was on my front step. The candle came with a little note from the person who made my candle, along with a sticker, a pin, a plate, and directions on how to burn it. I bought this candle to get rid of some negative energy, and to my surprise, it has worked. The candle smells of fresh pine, and is a pretty shade of a forest green.

In each candle, you are expected to find 2-4 healing crystal stones, amulets, or Runes. In mine, I got Pyrite, Smoky Quartz, Citrine, and a Chevron Amethyst. Like mentioned earlier, the crystals you find go with the theme of the candle which for me, was healing and restoration. After doing research on all that I uncovered, I learned that most of them brought luck, wealth, and cleared negative energy from their surroundings.

I received my candle on May 24th, 2021, and at the time that this article is going up, the candle is only half way burned despite me lighting the wick whenever I’m home, and I blow it out when I go to sleep. Each candle is expected to stay burning for about 88 hours, but shouldn’t be lit for more than four to five hours at a time. Though for me, it has reached past my expectations.

Overall with the meaning of the candle, I have felt like a boulder was lifted off of my shoulders and have been less stressed about finals since. I think I would definitely buy another one of these candles again since it’s an equal price to what you are receiving. I have recommended this to many of my friends, all who have been looking into buying a Soul Terra candle. Don’t hesitate, go start your candle journey now!