Menendez Brothers Retrial


KTAB News Reporters

The Menendez brothers at their trial in 1993.

 Erik and Lyle Menendez, better known as the Menendez brothers, are well known in the true crime world. They both confessed to murdering their parents back in 1989. In the trial in 1993, the judge deemed them both guilty of first-degree murder. They were sentenced to life in prison, and have served 31 years in prison as of now. 

   In the trial, both brothers gave their testimony with gruesome details of their alleged sexual and physical abuse. Their father would sexually abuse them, and their mother taught them that this was okay, and to keep quiet. But even as they were both crying throughout the trial, having to relive this terrible experience, the judge said they were lying. “First of all, men cannot be raped, as they don’t have the necessary equipment to be raped,” the judge stated. Recently, on the popular app Tiktok, hundreds of thousands of defenders are protesting for a new trial of the Menendez brothers. The heartwrenching trial from the ’90s is plastered everywhere on the app, supporting the young men. “They didn’t do it for money, they wanted the abuse to stop,” Jasmine Shah, 16, explaining to Fox 11 News. 

   The majority of the supporters are under eighteen, mainly young girls. A lot of videos are dedicated to the “hottest criminals”. Are they backing the brothers on account of the invalidity of trial, or based on how attracted they are to them? This is a valid question, as it could relate to why they want them to get set free from prison. Both are seen, videos of the brothers crying during their trial, and edits of them, trending on the app. 

   Nonetheless, the videos and accounts have attracted news reporters all over the country. Many articles have been written about the retrial that has not been yet confirmed. Even so, this has sparked the Menendez brothers’ high spirits as well as the public. “They feel the justice system got it wrong, they are demanding the Menendez brothers be set free,” Fox 11 reporter says on the news. “They are calling themselves the Menendez Defenders and Guardians”. She continues. “With this evidence, if it is approved, they could get a new trial.”

   The more time passes, the more the support for the Menendez brothers grows. Time will tell as the news spreads if the alleged trial will take place. Much hope is being held by teens all over the country, praying that their beloved brothers will be set free.