The New Discussion of School Security

One Texas mom draws attention to her daughter’s school’s security issues


Ava Dezinski

A screenshot of the video Garcia’s YouTube explanation video.

Ava Dezinski, Staff Writer

School security has become a huge discussion in the past twenty years due to the influx of school shootings. Lockdown drills and teaching students “hide, run, fight” have been increasingly more common. Now that masks are required in schools, it is theorized that teachers are being disconnected from their students, but what happens when this theory is put to the test by parents?


On Friday, a Texas mom, Casey Garcia, went into her daughter’s middle school dressed as her daughter and attended all her classes as normal. Garcia was even able to eat lunch in the cafeteria while having her mask off. Garcia was face to face with teachers all day and was only confronted during the seventh period. Garcia made an explanation and uploaded it to her YouTube channel, giving her reasoning on why she did what she did.


In the video she referred to what she did as a social experiment. Garcia goes on to say, “The school was so concerned that my phone was out, they weren’t even paying attention to who I was.” This statement leaves a lot of room for discomfort as well as the statement, “I was ‘Hey, put your phone away’. I was not a name, I was not a person, I was ‘Hey, put your phone away.” These statements back the theory that teachers and students are becoming disconnected.  “The teachers were so preoccupied with the students online they didn’t pay attention to the students who were there physically,” Garcia said in her YouTube video. This statement begs the question, is online in the best interest of all students?


In addition to the explanation video, Garcia made two more videos. The other videos were footage of her in the school as well as her being arrested. In the video of Garcia being at school, she even exchanged words with the principal and asked for directions to her classes. She recorded video clips in each of the classes she attended, at lunch, and ended the video saying she had been caught. As of now Garcia remains in police custody and her bail is estimated for over $7,000.


Garcia has proved her point as well as many others in her experiment. No matter the right or wrong aspect of her actions, this situation has raised many new questions as well as resurfaced some old ones on school security, teacher and student relationships, and so much more.