Sweet Magnolias Goes #1 on Netflix



Kayden Berger, Entertainment Editor

 The Netflix Original Series, Sweet Magnolias, premiered its second season on February 4th, just in time for Valentine’s Day. This Netflix Original Series is an adaptation of the Sweet Magnolias novels, written by Sherryl Woods. “Lifelong friends lift each other as they juggle relationships, family, and careers in the small Southern town of Serenity.” Sweet Magnolias stars the following actors: JoAnna Garcia-Swisher, Brooke Elliott, Heather Headley, Anneliese Judge, Logan Allen, Carson Rowland, Jamie Lynn Spears, Justin Breuning, and Chris Klein.

The first season, which aired on Netflix in 2020, introduced the newly single mother, Maddie Townsend. She was recently figuring out life after her marriage fell apart. Her husband, Bill Townsend, had an affair with his nurse Noreen Fitsgivens and they were expecting a child. So Maddie was left to pick up the pieces while caring for her own heart, her sons Tyler and Kyle, and her daughter Katie. Even if she might have felt alone and broken, she had her two best friends, Dana Sue Sullivan and Helen Decatur, by her side. They persuade Maddie, after years out of the working world, to join them and open a Spa for women, called The Corner Spa. The rumors and talk of divorce since Bill’s affair caused the children to act out. Tyler’s baseball and academic career were at their whips end.

Though in the act of helping her son, she did not expect to catch feelings for his new coach, Cal Maddox. But this also does not help any issues at home because the gossip mill starts again. With hesitation, Maddie allows herself to fall for Cal slowly. Still, a sudden turn of events causes Bill to realize he wants Maddie back. Their conversation was cut short with a shocking phone call that not only rocked Maddie’s world but her kids as well. After prom, Kyle and Tyler had gotten into a bit of a fight, deciding to take Tyler’s car keys and go. Season One ends with the most suspenseful of cliffhangers. Kyle is taken out of the car, and Maddie, Dana Sue, and Helen are waiting to hear news about the other passenger. Yet no one knows where the rest of the kids are.

The second season picks up from here, with Kyle and Nellie being taken by ambulance to the hospital. When everyone arrives, Tyler and Jackson get into a fight where he ends up on the floor with a broken arm. From the second the episode started, it felt fast. There were many parts of this season, including Maddie telling Bill that they never have a chance of getting back together, that felt like this. Do not get me wrong; the season was excellent. I totally recommend reading or watching in general, but just how quickly everything had happened rubbed me in the wrong way a little. There are definitely “teachable moments” throughout the season, which I was very intrigued to see. I loved how they go in-depth on adoption and miscarriage, which aren’t normal topics that are part of a tv show, even in this day and age. Sweet Magnolias is what I’d personally call a comfort show. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who would like to watch, but the more I’ve read the books and watched these episodes, the more I fell in love with these characters. Sweet Magnolias has become more than just a romance. It has become a show everyone can relate to somehow. It’s especially becoming well known worldwide for the second time in two years.

Season 2 of the Netflix Original Series: Sweet Magnolias is premiering now on Netflix, so check it out because it’s a must-watch. If you’d like to hear more about Sweet Magnolias and the views on season two, check out The Chat with Kayden Podcast because a more in-depth review will be out soon.