Meet the New Special Education Science Teacher


Kayden Berger

Mr. Murphy, Special Education Science Teacher, stands in front of blue screen in his new classroom at LCN.

Kayden Berger, Entertainment Editor

  The class rustled together as the second bell rang, signaling the start of class for the 5th period. As Mrs. Wissman, Forensic Science & Chemistry Teacher, instructs the class, a tall man wearing a light blue collared shirt and dress pants walks in, ready to learn and be of assistance. Coming in through the door, he welcomed the students with his polite banter and curious inquiries. 

   The man helping Mrs. Wissman with her class was none other than Mr. Patrick Murphy, the Special Education Science teacher. He’s brand new to not only LCN, but to the district in general. Mr. Murphy replaced Mrs. Hancock at the beginning of second semester. Prior to LCN, he taught at Fraser High School for 16 years. Other than now being both a Special Education and Science teacher, Mr. Murphy has taught both English and Math, but according to him, science is his favorite. 

Mr. Murphy graduated from Cousino High School. He went on to get his undergrad in Psychology before changing paths later in life. He graduated from both Wayne State and Sacramento Valley State. Mr. Murphy said that if he were still in high school, a class he would take is, “The Forensic Science class because that’s something I wish we had when I was in high school.” 

   Although some students may believe that teachers have no life, Mr. Murphy likes to travel, watch his children play softball, wrestle, and watch hockey. He currently enjoys the Detroit Red Wings for hockey and the Seattle Seahawks for football. He thinks he would even be the one to survive a zombie apocalypse because of his experience watching “The Walking Dead.” 

   Although Mr. Murphy has been teaching for 16 years, he’s still learning every day. Even as a teacher now, he has first day superstitions. Every year on the first day of school, Mr. Murphy makes sure he wears a nice shirt and tie to show his professionalism. Mr. Murphy would like to pass down the following wisdom to his students, “I would say just be very understanding to yourself if things aren’t easy and learn to ask for it.”   

   Currently, Mr. Murphy teaches in the classroom beside Mrs. Wissman. He is a shining example of professionalism and fun in the classroom.