LCU Hockey is having a Killer Season



McCarthy-far right Boskovich- left side of McCarthy Quennville- second to the left Knoche- far left

Serenity Row, Sports editor

With 16 wins, being in the Mac Red division, and a loyal team that plays for each other, this LCU hockey team was put together to create a family.

This team had many ups and very little downs this season. Leading the team with an outstanding amount of goals scored is #91, captain of the team Donald Gooley, ’22, with 24 goals and 22 assist. Runner up being assistant captain #11, Cade Ringstad, ’22, with 19 goals and 22 assist. These two players work amazing together; with aggression and passion for the sport these two add pressure on the ice. Watching the team play is very interesting because, it is competitive, passionate, and all of their heart is put on the ice. Our goalies have also been a huge help to our team this season. Frank Boskovich, ’22, Nathanael Maurin ’24, and Zachary Hill ‘25 have had an amazing season!

A couple of the teammates have talked about their experience with the team, Boskovich states “   Hockey is a family… We have come a long way, we started out we were getting smacked around a little bit… we got a little better, a lot better.” Luke Knoche, ’22 best memories with the team would be “Putting Romeo to sleep… this team is full of stone-cold killers; we handle pressure because we are pressure.” When all of these players were asked about the team they stated that they were 100 percent a 3rd period team. Julius Quennville, ’22 says “if we kept our pressure up we could have come with a win.”  Zachary McCarthy ’22 “Hockey definitely means family, brings me out to who I am today…. We have come a long ways, starting out struggling but we are definitely pulling together, with chemistry and keeping it hard together.

This group has progressed as a team, and has created a bond that will last forever. Good work boys!