Student Council Executive Board Members Present at State Conference


Mrs. Hough

Grant Kovacs, Peyton Cooper, and Taryn Hagan at the MASC/MAHS Leadership State Conference

Valyn Iacobelli, News Editor

LCN’s Student Council Executive Board president Grant Kovacs, secretary Peyton Cooper, and parliamentarian Taryn Hagan, advanced to the MASC/MAHS State Conference for their Student Showcase presentation. 

Each year, the Michigan Association of Student Councils and Honors Societies holds the Regional Super Connect Conference. At this event, students from across the state present about the different projects executed at their school. This year, our own Executive Board members spoke on LCN’s evolving charity week. After winning the vote, Kovacs, Cooper, and Hagan will present at the MASC/MAHS Leadership State Conference on February 28th for the first time in school history. 

The MASC/MAHS Leadership State Conference is made of numerous activities such as the Michigan Student Voice Competition, State Awards Programs, Keynote Speakers, and of course the Student Showcase. In their Student Showcase, Kovacs said, “Our presentation focuses on how we run our charity week at LCN and how other schools could implement these events at their own school.” Kovacs further explained that the goal was for people to view their presentation and be able to replicate this event. He said, “We found a good balance between being interesting and interactive, while also being informative.” In order to give as much information as possible, the three of them went into detail about Pet Wars, Fill-A-Bus, Coin Stalls, and the Reveal Assembly. While explaining this information, videos were displayed and Coin Stall sabotages and Pet Wars containers were passed around to keep the audience engaged in the presentation. 

Kovacs explained the planning process to get a better insight of the time and effort this presentation took. He said, “We spent about a month and a half before the Regional Conference planning, creating, and practicing the presentation in and out of school.” He then went on to say, “After we were selected to move on to states, we worked for about another month to prepare our presentation and make it better than before.” It took them hours of dedication and countless hours of given up classes. 

Kovacs said, “I’m super excited to go to states. I didn’t expect to make it past regionals, so everything from here on out is just an added bonus.” Cooper added, “If we have tech problems, I’m literally going to burst into tears in front of the entire room of people.” Hagan last said, “I’m feeling really nervous, I could probably cry right now.” It seems like there is a rollercoaster of emotions, but with their preparation, the three of them will do great!