COVID-19 Turns 2!


Sarah Loyal

The day we will never forget

Sarah Loyal, Staff Writer

730 days, 104 weeks, 24 months, two years… It’s hard to believe that it has been two years since the COVID-19 outbreak first started. Friday, March 13th, 2020, was the day that the world changed for what seems to be forever. I had a conversation with my mom the other day about this and she compared this to the 9/11 attack, in the sense that everyone probably remembers exactly what they were doing the day the world shutdown. For me, it’s a very clear memory, I remember being in my first-hour class and discussing our plan for the next “two weeks”, and I remember how enthusiastic my teacher was and telling us that we were going to be fine and that we would get through this and be back to normal when the two weeks were up. She had such a positive attitude and an uplifting spirit that was very calming in such a time of uncertainty. In my second hour, I remember basically the same thing, we were discussing the plan for our time off. That day was the band’s annual fish fry, so for the rest of the day, I was going to class for a few minutes to get my homework for the next “two weeks” and then heading back to the band room to help out with the fish fry. I was helping to deliver food to the teachers who ordered fish for their lunch that day. I also remember trying fish for the first time, the band was serving cod. The rest of the day consisted of us hanging out in the band room, cleaning up from the day, and serving drive-up food to people in the area who ordered fish. The entire Band hallway smelled very strongly of fish which probably lasted for a week but we weren’t there after to know. It’s crazy how much you can remember from a day that was so long ago, just because of one significant event that happened. I explained my day from two years ago in detail, but if I were asked what I did last week or even a couple of days ago I wouldn’t be able to explain it that well. We all have a story from that day, and that time in our lives. I heard someone say once we were all in different boats weathering the same storm, so what’s your story? Share with us in the comments what you remember from that tragic day, March 13th, 2020, a day we will never forget.