The MLB Makes a Come Back




On March 3rd, MLB players and team owners finally reached an agreement following the massive shutdown of the MLB Franchise last month.

Usually, the MLB season runs from late March or April to the beginning of September or October but because of the failure to make a Collective Bargaining Agreement, the series had been canceled. The CBA agreement sets the standards and conditions for the players and team owners starting at travel protocols and heading to salaries, roster sizes, and key dates for free agencies. As of March 3rd, the CBA had been finalized, allowing the rest of the series to be planned out. There are more than 200 players that remain on the Free Market, including Trevor Story and Kris Bryant. The teams will now take this time to make their final decisions within said teams, especially with all of these free agents still on the sidelines. 

As a part of the CBA, starting in 2023 a Joint Competition Committee will be formed which is composed of four players, six members chosen by the MLB, and one chosen by the umpire. Mark Feinsand, writer of “MLB, MLBPA agree to new CBA; season to start April 7,” states, “The new five-year CBA includes increased minimum salaries, a new pre-arbitration bonus pool to reward the top young players in the game, a raise in competitive balance tax thresholds, the introduction of a universal designated hitter, the widest-ranging Draft lottery in pro sports, a system to prevent alleged service-time manipulation and limits on the number of times a player can be optioned in a season to address concerns regarding “roster churn.’” There hasn’t been a lockout since the MLB strike in the 1994 to 95 season, making it a historical moment. 

With this being said, the full 162 game season has been rescheduled with Opening Day set for Thursday, April 14th. If you’re a baseball fan, be sure to keep up to date with all the upcoming games.