Results of This Year’s Coin Stalls


Lauren Dionne

Señora Franks counting coins in her sixth hour Spanish 5 class.

On Thursday, March 17th, students gathered their coins and dropped them on their teachers desks; class could not start until all of the coins were counted. All proceeds made from coin stalls went to our three charities, Know Resolve, Turning Point, and Big Family of Michigan.

 Coin stalls are a crowd favorite and one of the most efficient ways to raise money for charity. LCN started coin stalls in 2019, and this game continues to raise more money each year. This year, we raised $4,368.18 from coin stalls and sabotages. Students enjoy this method of money raising because they get to sit back and watch their teachers count coins all day. Jacqueline Bruce ‘22 from Mr. Cook’s debate class said, “it took Mr. Cook the whole hour to count the coins and we raised $203.55.” Students had the opportunity to buy and choose from four different sabotages that would challenge their teachers’ counting ability. Sabotages included sorting quarters by year before counting, sorting change by value, sliding coins across the desk the number of times the coins are worth, and worst of all, making the teacher restart their counting. Students in Bruce’s class claim that they successfully sabotaged Mr. Cook all hour by making him separate the quarters by year and restart.

With this year’s earnings from coin stalls, this game should definitely remain in the future charity weeks here at LCN. Coin stalls are an easy way for students to get involved and help raise money for charity. All it takes is searching places like the house or car for some loose change. Overall, when each student participates, coin stalls can be the most contributing method to reaching our end goal of Charity Week.