The Mask Men Wear

Something most people don’t realize is not only women wear a mask. Men also have to fit this certain stereotype that no one really takes into account.

When you think of a man what do you instantly think of? Studies show that many people think of men being masculine, strong, athletic, etc. But this is not always the case, men don’t always have to fit this stereotype to be a man. 

“Men can’t cry.” “Crying is weak.” “He can’t dress like a woman!” “No homo.” This is many of the things you see or hear on social media, or even in the halls of your own school. What does this mean though? Men have always been taught that when you cry in front of someone you are weak. You aren’t a real man if you don’t show any other emotion other than confidence. Men are not widely accepted as much as other girls when it comes to LGBTQ+, they are judged more. So when you hear a man compliment another man you will hear things like; “No homo.” “Not to be gay or anything.” Why is this? From olden times men have always had to do all the hard work, and had to “be the man of the house” so now people will continue to teach this method of being a man, which is not true at all. Being a man isn’t treating people badly, and being scared of who you are. Being a man is treating a woman with respect, respecting people’s personal preference, crying, being strong willed but not cocky.  

Harry Styles, Prince, Frank Ocean, Jaden Smith, and Queen have been a big influence to young men, and even older men to come out and not care about what people have to say about their style. You can wear what you want and be what you want. 

In 2022 these stereotypes have been lessened, but still exist. There are still many boys/men who will wear this mask even when they aren’t comfortable with it. Which is sad. Men shouldn’t have to worry about what people think, but they do. So what do we need to do better to fix this way of thinking?