Uncharted Movie Review


With the new Uncharted movie releasing not too long ago, diehard lovers of the video game have
been asking a few questions. Is this at all canon? What are some differences seen in the movie
and in the games? Should I even go see the movie even though I’ve played all the games? Well,
here’s all you need to know: Spoiler warning.

The movie takes place in the first game, in the point of view of Nathan Drake. He is an orphan
with a love of adventure. His brother, Sam Drake, is much older than Nathan. While sneaking off
at night, they are caught by the police. While Nathan is sent back into his room, Sam must come
with law enforcement as this isn’t the first time that they have been caught doing these acts.
Instead of going with the police, Sam takes a risky approach. He leaves and disappears for quite
some time. Years past and Nathan works at a lovely bar but loves to be quick with his hands. He
is a big stealer and will bamboozle anyone if he sees something he likes. One night before the
bar is about to close, a man appears and tried to convince Nathan to go on an adventure with
him. His name is Victor, a man of hatred and selfishness. He breaks the word to Nathan that he
has seen Sam and can help him find his long lost brother, at the cost of assisting him with a heist.
A heist to steal a forgotten ship full of gold and riches enough for anyone to buy what their heart
desires. However they have a mission, to steal one of the lost keys to the ship. Santiago
Moncada, a man born into a family of adventures all trying to find this treasure. Nathan and
Victor meet people along the way. Some old faces like Chloe and a new threat, Braddock. They
all seek to find the treasure. Going into hidden bunkers, a nightclub, a plane, and an island in the
Atlantic. Many deaths, tricks, and betrayals later, Nathan and Victor find the treasure. However
Braddock follow suit but her idea is bigger. Two cargo bobs transport the ships to a big freighter
but Nathan and Victor aren’t going to lose like that, so they hijack a cargo bob, kill dozens of
people and face Braddock. Luckily for Nathan and Victor they can think on their feet and take
her down. In the end, both ships sink into the water but Nathan had stolen just a few treasures.

So, is the canon to the movies? No, not really. It’s just a movie remake of the first game so
nothing new is added to the table. Are there and differences to the game? Absolutely, there are.
It’s a movie, trying to fit hours of dialogue into a 2 hour movie is hard. You can’t fit all the
details into it and you have to pick out the most important bits. But the story writer did a good
job on that part. Last but not least, should you see the movie if you’ve played the game? Yes you
should. It’s a good movie, yes there are some flops here and there but every movie has a scene
that doesn’t feel right to be included. Even if you haven’t played any of the games, the story is
not that hard to grasp.