Should the U.S. join Ukraine? Opinion of a Military Daughter

The US joining the war in Ukraine is a huge concern for many people and  families in the US. Thousands of adults, children, and elders due to the recent attack on Ukraine from Russia. So where does this put the US for going in, and risking more chaos and death.Ukraine is not part of Nato, or European union. This being said, what does stepping in do to Russia and the US?  Is this going to cause an attack on the US? But with so many dead and so many lives at risk, do we really have a choice?

Over 30,000 refugees have entered a safe spot in France, and they are hoping to house 100,000 quickly. The White House and president have harsh opinions on Putin. The president’s point was that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region,” – says White house representative. For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” – says President Biden. So obviously our head of government is not too happy about Putin’s decision, and is questioning him being in power. 

Biden has been considering sending hundreds of thousands of troops, warships/aircrafts, to NATO allies into the Baltics and Eastern Europe. 

From a military family this has been a tough subject to talk about. We try to stay away from the topic of US troops being sent to Ukraine. My dad has been deployed multiple times, and it’s never been easy. It will never get easy, I am 18 and this has been like this for my whole life. It’s never easy. We are always scared of that phone call, calling us, and telling us he is MIA. So watching all of this go down, and everyday worrying that he is going to have to leave is terrifying! But with that being said, is it selfish to not want him to go? I know it is. It’s extremely selfish. But at the same time there are people dying, people suffering so I want there to be as much help as possible. 

We all think this whole situation is very unreasonable and unfair to all the families who are suffering, and I would like to say that goes for everyone in support of Ukraine. Ukraine needs as much support as possible, so should we send troops to Ukraine to give them physical support instead of emotional?