Horror Fan? Check out American Horror Story



American Horror Story, available to watch on Hulu.

American Horror Story, the ten-season horror-drama show that first appeared on screen in 2011, was taken off Netflix in March 2022, and fans are desperate to know where it can now be watched.

In each season of AHS, there is a different plot and setting, separate from the season prior. AHS, season one through ten, allows for a full circle, where the watchers will get an introduction, a climax, and an ending without being left on a cliffhanger for the next season. In each season, watchers will notice that the cast remains the same; however, their roles and character from season to season are different. AHS shows a balance of horror, twists, and turns to keep the watchers drawn in and attracted to want more. 

Murder House, the first season of AHS, is known to most as the best season. Murder House is revolved around the Harmon family, who moves from Boston to Los Angeles after the wife, Vivien Harmon, has a miscarriage and the husband, Ben Harmon has an affair. It was what the two of them thought was going to be a fresh start for them and their daughter, Violet Harmon, but it happened to be their worst nightmare. In their new mansion, that happens to be the Murder House itself, the Harmon family lives in the presence of the past owners spirits and without giving too much detail of the season, the Harmon’s are haunted by these individuals and their victims. If you are an individual that likes a scare and a mystery, take a look at Murder House. 

However, you might be wondering, where can you watch AHS now? Well, Disney is now the rights holder of AHS, making the show exclusive to Disney Plus and Hulu. If you have access to either of these two streaming platforms, you are in luck!