LCN Pankcake Breakfast- is it Worth all the Hype?



LCN student’s waiting in line for their annual pancake breakfast.

   Every year, L’Anse Creuse High School North has their annual pancake breakfast that gets posted all around the school and it even gets spoken about every morning over the announcements, but here’s the big question everyone is asking, “Is it really worth all the hype?” So let’s answer it. 


  Wednesday morning, March 16th, LCN threw their annual pancake breakfast. The entry fee was five to six dollars, depending on which day you bought your ticket. The breakfast included two varieties of pancakes: plain pancakes and chocolate-chip pancakes. The breakfast also provided three different kinds of drinks: apple juice, orange juice, and bottled water. The morning of the pancake breakfast, the line in the commons to buy tickets was almost out the front door of LCN! Staff and students were thrilled to enjoy some breakfast and get a break from class after a stressful beginning of the week. Many students had mixed opinions on the breakfast itself, such as Liberty Stein, a Freshman at LCN, stated “I enjoyed the pancake breakfast because I could skip class. The apple juice was warm and not very refreshing, and the pancakes were dry. The syrup kind of helped, but did not save it.” Many students gave similar responses in regards to the pancake breakfast stating both enjoyable and unenjoyable aspects of the event. Like any event, the attendees had a variety of experiences and opinions. Sophomore Lillian Fabiano gave a positive review stating  “The school pancake breakfast was enjoyable the pancakes were good and you got to help charity.” Many of the students felt as if the breakfast made them a part of something bigger by giving them an outlet to help those who have less than them, this not only gave them a fun experience but it also gave them the chance to feel like a part of the community. All in all, LCN can’t wait to see what next year’s breakfast has in store!