After Thirty Years

Mr. Mignot’s Retirement


Marissa Reyes

Mr. Mignot standing in his classroom for the final year

   Majority of people develop a routine that they follow day in and day out. It is something that they become quite comfortable with, and would imagine it would be hard to live without. Mark Mignot will be leaving the routine that he has had for thirty years at the end of the school year when he retires from teaching. 

   Mignot has worked in the L’Anse Creuse school district for thirty years. He spent the majority of his time as a full time teacher at L’Anse Creuse High School North, but also subbed for the district for a couple of years and was a supervisory aid for a year. During his time teaching he taught various classes all in the social studies category. These include: Great Lakes, Government, U.S. History, World History, and  AP U.S. History. 

  Mignot first realized his passion for history at a young age from his family. He stated that, “My dad was a teacher so that’s really where I got my love of history,”. He also was influenced by both his high school US history teacher along with his English teacher. When he first began college he contemplated going into medicine due to his personal experience with Diabetes, but decided against it as a result of not enjoying his first microbiology class. This path eventually led him to pursuing a career in teaching. 

   Within those thirty years of teaching, Mignot became extremely involved in sports at the high school. During his first year he coached boys track, and the second year he coached the freshman football team. Although, his main coaching experience was with the softball team for twenty five years. The majority of this time was spent with the varsity team. 

   When asked to look back on these years of teaching and discuss a favorite memory, he says that, “ It’s so hard to pinpoint something teaching this long but I’ve really enjoyed my time teaching and getting to know students,”.  He also reflects on the highlights of leading multiple trips to Europe, something he hopes to continue doing with his wife in retirement. They already have a trip planned to Italy in September. 

   Traveling is one of the various things that Mignot says that he looks forward to in his retirement. He also states that he will enjoy sleeping in and not having to drive from his home in Ferndale everyday to get to the school. He also comments on how he will no longer have to coordinate his travels with the school year.