Gun Found at Chippewa Valley High School

On the morning of April 1, a student was found in possession of a firearm, on Chippewa Valley High School’s campus. 

    A parent and student are said to have reported another student with a gun to the schools superintendent, Ron Roberts. As soon as he was made aware of the gun, Roberts called the police to come detain the student and weapon. Right after the police were called, the students were put on lockdown and held in their classrooms for an estimated two to three hours. They students were not told what was going on, but some suspected a threat. 

    Shortly after the police arrived on the scene, the student was taken into custody, without any shots fired. After he was removed from campus, scheduled resumed as normal. The students were said to be released on time, according to the police on scene. 

The most recent update on the issue involved the charges the 15 year old is facing. The different charges include carrying a concealed weapon, receiving and concealing a stolen firearm, and possession of a dangerous weapon on school grounds. 

The high school has made an effort to reach out to parents and students to show appreciation for speaking up.