The Outrageous Law in the State of Georgia

April 12, 2022, the governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp signed a bill into law allowing residents of Georgia to carry concealed handguns in public without a permit. This absurd decision has left many individuals in the state of Georgia and across mainstream social media platforms astounded. Under the Georgia law, people who have been convicted of a felony, are facing felony charges in any mental hospital, or alcohol, or drug treatment center, and mentally incompetent cannot carry.


Within the past five years, georgia’s citizens???? haven’t been able to carry a gun. The new law doesn’t change that but it removes the background check for a permit to carry a loaded or concealed handgun in public. Democrats and Republicans officials have had conflicting views on this subject. Republicans argue that requiring a permit clashes with the Second Amendment gun rights. While gun safety advocates say that the process of applying for a license has led to thousands of people being denied.


 Who is not even allowed to possess weapons, includes convicted felons and people who have been hospitalized for mental health issues or treated for addiction in recent years. Research’s study found that states that were not strict on their requirements to have a gun saw a 13 to 15% increase in violent crime 10 years down the road.