Senior Struggles

Seniors have a lot of stress when it comes to graduation. Do I have enough credits? Do I need more community service hours to be able to get my certificate? What dress should I get for prom and for graduation? Is this all a really big deal?  

Students handle different stresses a lot differently than one another. One of the biggest things students stress is graduation. Many seniors are trying to get all of their community service hours in, finish their reflections, and figure out if they are part of the honor cord.  What happens if they don’t have all their hours? Now this adds a bigger stressor to seniors, having to find ways to get all 25 hours in before the deadline. This is a requirement for seniors, this is not something that you can just skip and hope they will not notice. This can be a lot of stress for seniors.  

Is community service hours really worth the stress? Honestly we had four years to get 25 community service hours so why didn’t anyone have the time to get all 25? Well sometimes it is harder to get more than 5 hours of community service hours just by turning in items for donation. Not everyone has time to go somewhere to get out and go do something. Then Covid-19 took place, and that meant people couldn’t go places, or get community service hours by the school. So now does that make a difference to some people of the stress seniors of 22’ have? 

Prom, this is something that is pretty important to some seniors. You have to get the perfect dress, making sure you don’t get the same one as anyone else or it would ruin the night. This is a time to have fun, and dance for the last time with your friends. This is something seniors look forward to for the whole year, again that’s how I’ve been all year.  

Finally, graduation is a huge deal to everyone all around the board. Families, friends, and neighbors. We all have been looking forward to this since we were freshmen. We get to move on with our lives, go to college and go off to do stuff that you have dreamed of. An amazing feeling to all seniors, but it is also sad, you have to leave the people you grew up with. It’s a weird feeling of course.  

Being a senior is stressful, but it is also something you look forward to as a freshman. Is everyone ready for saying goodbye though?