Missing Baby Wallaby At The Detroit Zoo


Emma Bowman

Banner of the Detroit Zoological Park

   On Sunday, May 8th, Detroit Zoo officials announced that the five month old wallaby has gone missing, after being introduced to the public a few days before. 

   Within the Australian Outback Adventure lies a winding pathway filled with 11 kangaroos and three red-necked wallabies. On Friday, May 6th, the Detroit Zoo introduced the newest addition to these animals: the joey of four year old Sprocket. 

   But by Sunday morning, they posted on Facebook to alert the public of the joey’s mysterious disappearance. Zoo officials explained how heartbroken they were over not being able to find the location of the wallaby, and that it was last seen at 5 pm the night prior.

   “Immediately, animal care staff began searching for the little one. Zoo staff is carefully examining the habitat and the areas around it, while also reviewing trail cameras and surveillance cameras all over the zoo,” Zoo officials stated. They also have the surrounding businesses on high alert in case the joey managed to escape the park entirely.

   The current suspect of the disappearance is either an owl or a hawk, but no one knows for sure yet. Although it’s unlikely the joey will survive that long away from his mother at such a young age, the zoo staff are remaining hopeful for the joey’s safe return back to the park.