Patron a Superhero

Patron is pictured founding a explosives’ showing off his medal on his neck. (Janet Ortiz )

Patron is a jack Russell terrier that is two years old and  belongs to the Mykhailo Iliev of the Civil Protection Service according to NPR. They both received an Honor medal by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in recognition of their service since the war started in late February of 2022.

 Patron has been trained to detect the smell of gunpowder.

Patron has detected more than 200 undetonated explosives saving the lives of their teammates and Ukrainian citizens. During the ceremony, the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Tredeu was present, after his unannounced visit to Ukraine. The Prime Minister was seen interacting with the Patron at the ceremony. 

Patron have become a symbol of patriotism in Ukraine. It became a light of hope for the citizens during the hard times that were being experienced. Patron is adored in Ukraine, and now you can see different types of fan art in his honor. Patron now owns an Instagram account that counts 240,000 followers at the time.