Should Roe v. Wade Be Overturned?



A mom holds newborn baby close in this cute picture.

In 1973, the infamous case, Roe v. Wade, made abortion legal in the first trimester of pregnancy. This case is proposed to be overturned by the Supreme Court by early June. No matter your view on the matter, the original case is more than just about making abortion legal. 

In 1914, the birth control movement surged through the United States. Before any of the contraceptive technology we have today, women would have anywhere between seven and eight children. In the 1800’s and prior, women birthed more than three children, but by the end of the nineteenth century, it had gone down to only three. During this time, the Women’s Suffrage Movement had also started. Women didn’t want to just be viewed as an incubator in some senses and their only job was to be the mother of children. At this time, women had no control over their bodies. In the 1910s, women begged for the relief from childbearing, and took to knitting needles in hope it would induce abortions. 

Margaret Sanger, six out of eleven children, lost her mother at 50 years old due to having too many children and working herself to death. This would stick with her. From 1914 on, Sanger sought out to provide women with different methods of contraceptive. Her continuous actions, which led to her being arrested eight times, brought awareness and the attention from the public grew enormously. 

So what does all this have to do with Roe v. Wade being overturned?

Well, in 1973, the infamous court ruling of Roe v. Wade legalized safe and legal abortion. Now it could be nothing but a memory as the supreme court tries to overturn it. This is a bad thing because not only does it make safe abortion illegal, but it also can lead us back in time to where women had no control of their bodies. This great debate has also further divided the already divided America between the pro-choice and the pro-life groups. Pro-Life means those who are against abortion where Pro-Choice means that even if you don’t believe in abortion, you can still think it’s okay to abort an unplanned or life threatening pregnancy. 

The overturning of Roe v. Wade doesn’t just make safe abortions illegal, it’s also a stepping stone towards other illegalization like other forms of contraceptives such as birth control pills, or even condoms. This is what men and women are fighting for. It feels like we’re being taken back to the 1900’s and later when women had no rights to their body or just in general. Yet, in other news, according to, Dr. Sarah Wallett of Planned Parenthood had stated, “No matter what happens at the Supreme Court, abortion access remains protected in Michigan while our full case proceeds to block this antiquated law once and for all.”

There is much more to come as the Supreme Court decides whether or not to overturn Roe v. Wade. Everything we know now can all be gone by July 2022.