College Checklist



A sample checklist offered at Bed Bath and Beyond

Calling all upcoming college freshmen who are wanting to start adding all of the dorm necessities to their cart before the fall semester. 

If you plan on going away to live on campus to your desired college this fall, it is extremely important to know what you are going to pack. 

The key to success is simplicity. When going off to college make sure you’re bringing items you’ll need and know that you will use them. Remember everything you bring with you has to leave the room after the school year is concluded. The list below shows a limited amount of items that you would surely not want to forget. (List is not in any particular order)


  1. Mattress Cover~ When living in a dorm that other people have lived in, College Info Geek recommends that it is essential to have a mattress protector. Mattress protectors can come in various colors, sizes, and prices based on your individual preferences.


  1. Portable Fan~ Whether you want a small desktop fan or one for the floor, it is a good idea to have a fan in case the air conditioning is not up to par with the weather.


  1. Broom and Dustpan~ Make sure to stay clean and sweep up your messes to keep both you and your roomie happy.


  1. Umbrella~ The weather can change at all moments and it has never hurt to be prepared. Rather be safe than soaked and sorry.


  1. Noise Canceling Headphones~ Whether you are studying, sleeping, at the gym, or trying to relax, headphones can be used in multiple different settings and are a key to tuning out your new environment no matter the circumstance.


  1. Britta/ Filtered Water Pitcher~ Having easy on-hand filtered water comes in handy in multiple scenarios. Over time the water pitcher will save money and the waste that throwing away plastic water bottles creates.


  1. Skateboard/ Skates~ An all in one transportation system and exercise. If you have a close-knit campus, skating makes it easy to get from point A to point B without wasting money on gas or an uber. This can also help develop a fun new hobby and is less time consuming than walking.


  1. Duct Tape/ Command Strips~  Knowing that most dorms do not allow putting holes in the walls or any permanent modifications, being able to temporarily mount or stick decorations is a must with these.


  1. Flip Flops~ Community bathrooms can be gross! You never know when that shower was properly cleaned last or what else may have stepped foot in there, so keep yourself safe and germ-free.


  1. Safe/ Lock~ Living with a total stranger has to come with a lot of worries so it is important to create boundaries and keep your valuables safe. You never know who visits or comes in and out of your dorm when you are not there so it is important to lock away all things of importance.


When following this list, make sure to check the guidelines of the college you are attending to make sure each item you bring along is allowed within the school’s dorms policies.