Should cities offer free public wifi access?

The Internet is becoming so important in our lives that many people consider Internet access as important as water or power supply.  However, in many places, cell phone contracts and data allowances are very expensive, so people with lower incomes may be unable to access the Internet, which negatively affects their ability to improve their situation. Currently, many cities all over the world are already providing this service to their citizens in many public places. The provision of city wide WiFi services has several advantages. An increasing number of citizens use the Internet constantly in their education, professional and social lives. But such a service is costly. It’s not just about installing some hotspots all over the town. It’s a technical operation that means investing in infrastructure and networks and dedicating staff to manage it. In other words, offering free public WiFi access will result in a tax increase for all citizens or in cuts in other services provided by the city council. I asked many fellow friends what they thought of this service. Daniel Gaci stated “I think a raise in taxes would be worth towns being able to give everyone free wifi.” Alessia Perry also says “free wifi for everyone would be worth it because everyone needs it to help themselves like in work or education.” Free wifi would benefit most citizens as it opens better opportunities for the lower class.