Are first impressions important?

Are first impressions really important when meeting new people? In our everyday interactions we form somewhat of great impressions to people by handshakes, or just by smiling. In our society if you blow that first impression you’ll never be able to regain that impression. So sociologists have been studying this phenomenon, in fact some people believe that trustworthiness is the most important factor in how people evaluate you. Students from LCN were asked, are first impressions important?


Senior Jekiah Mack says ¨yes it does it tells you how they come off as a person¨. Sociologist Amy Cuddy says ¨while competence is highly valued, it is evaluated only after trust is established and focusing too much on displaying your strength can backfire¨. Senior Shamica Reeves says ´i feel like you should be your true self because if you got to know somebody their not going to be able to see the real you, because you’re putting on a front¨.


First impressions can be complicated and misleading at times because some people can be influenced by things outside of their control. Also it can be misleading by inaccurate stereotypes, and sometimes these impressions are not random and does not necessarily mean they make them correct about the person.